28 is Going to be MY Year!

Happy Birthday to me!! Today is my birthday…. today I turn 28 years old. YIKES, the 20s are going by so fast, I’m not really sure where all the time has gone! Although I’m getting older, I have to say that I think that I’m getting BETTER! A year ago, I never could have imagined that I would have gotten so much healthier, taken care of a lot of things physically that I had been putting off (eye doctor, dentist, etc.), received a BIG raise (in February), and finally started seeing a therapist to work on my mental health!

Although I’ve lost 137 lbs, I’m still not half way done with the journey to my goal weight and that’s ok. I have a feeling that 28 is going to be “my year.” I can’t believe that I’m 5 lbs away from being half way done with weight loss and 7.4 lbs away from being in the 200s! It’s been a good 7ish years since I’ve been in the 200s!

The day hasn’t really started off so great (and it’s only 8:30!!) and I’m scheduled to have a root canal in a couple of hours… geez! BUT, here’s to hoping that it gets better!! I’m really going to concentrate on myself for the foreseeable future! My goal was to be “flirty by thirty” (name of my blog), so I guess I’ve got two years to whip this shrinking ass into shape! Wooohooo!

Thank you all so much for the constant and continued support!


Holy Attention, Batman!

Today was an overwhelming day! My mother-in-law decided to have a cookout and she invited both sides of my husband’s family to her house. I had a little bit of anxiety about this event, because as you know a cookout revolves mainly around food. I really didn’t want people to be asking me why I wasn’t eating or wasn’t eating much, because nobody knows that I’ve had surgery. I wish that I was an open-book and maybe someday I will be; however, I’m not ready to share with the world my drastic life change. Although nobody questioned what I was eating (because I put food on a plate and sort of pushed it around), I wasn’t quite prepared for what I got today…. Continue reading

Overweight/Obese Women with Fit Men

I came across an article today on Yahoo! News called I’m Overweight and My Boyfriend’s Not. Big Freakin’ Deal and it reminded me of all the things I feel regarding my husband and I. I started this journey at 444 lbs and even though I’m down to 311 now, I’m still much, much larger than my husband. He’s an attractive (in my opinion), fit Phys Ed teacher and I know that we look like we don’t belong together. Years ago, I introduced my husband (fiance at the time) to my co-workers at an event and on Monday, one of my co-workers said“Oh my goodness, your fiance is REALLY cute, I wasn’t expecting that!!” Although it was really rude (and she had no idea lol), I know that the harsh reality is that this is what a lot of people are thinking. Continue reading

I’m BURSTING with Excitement (w/ pics!)

Well, it’s one month out from surgery, so I took my pictures (finally changed my shirt as it was getting to be too big lol). WOW… this is the first time that when I’ve taken my pictures… I’ve actually felt some excitement. I mean, I could tell there were big changes before…. but these newest pictures almost have me in tears with the differences that I can see. I’m so hopeful for the future! I’ve been working so hard these past (almost) 7 months and I want to continue doing it for the rest of my life!! Continue reading

Ah HA!!! My Suspicions Were Right!!

So, on the ObesityHelp.com forums people talk a lot about the bougie size that their surgeon uses during a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) and there is often debate about whether or not this size matters and has an effect on weight loss. I never asked my surgeon what size bougie he was going to use, because honestly I didn’t really want to know beforehand. I was comfortable with my surgeon, the hospital, and the weight management clinic and I trusted that they would do a good job. I do not have any other options in the area for VSG surgery that would be covered by my insurance and there is not way that I could self pay. With that being said, I was looking through my medical records online and found the notes from surgery (had no idea they were online) and was surprised, yet not surprised about what I found. Continue reading

What I’m Trying to Focus on During My Stall

So, like so many other people that have had weight loss surgery, I am currently experiencing the “Week 3 Stall” where you lose NO weight and even sometimes gain a little. I dropped a lot of weight in 4 weeks (2 pre-op diet, 2 weeks post-op) that it makes sense to me that my body needs time to catch up. HOWEVER, like everybody else in the world, I can’t seem to keep myself from getting a bit frustrated about not seeing the scale go down for the last 8 days. SO, I’ve decided that I’m going to try and focus on something else and take my mind off of it!! Continue reading