I’m BURSTING with Excitement (w/ pics!)

Well, it’s one month out from surgery, so I took my pictures (finally changed my shirt as it was getting to be too big lol). WOW… this is the first time that when I’ve taken my pictures… I’ve actually felt some excitement. I mean, I could tell there were big changes before…. but these newest pictures almost have me in tears with the differences that I can see. I’m so hopeful for the future! I’ve been working so hard these past (almost) 7 months and I want to continue doing it for the rest of my life!!

Before I get into the pictures, I’ve had two really great NSVs this week! First, I had a male co-worker notice the changes in my hair and the changes in me (although he didn’t specifically mention my weight) and he said that “I looked a lot younger!” which was really nice to hear (and I agree by looking at the pics below!) The second NSV was today when I left work. I parked in the parking garage on campus instead of parking in a lot across campus. If you have ever read my page about The Hill, you know that this garage is up a steep hill that I could not walk up in the past. Well… today, not only did I walk up that hill at a good pace in THREE MINUTES, but I continued walking up the hill a bit further, to the garage, and then (excuse my french) UP FIVE FUCKING FLIGHTS OF STAIRS!!! I’m bursting with excitement. I feel like I could kick some ass!! (in a good way!)

So on to the pics! (Which can also be seen on the Photos page)

The pics furthest on the left were taken on December 1, 2012 about 10 lbs down from my highest weight of 444 lbs. This was almost 2 weeks after starting the supervised diet.

The pics in the middle were taken May 12, 2013, the night before surgery about 106 lbs down from the start of the supervised diet.

The pics on the right were taken June 13, 2013, one month out from surgery. I’m 313.0 lbs in these pictures… for a total loss so far of 131.2 lbs. So happy!!!


12/1/2013, 5/12/2013, 6/13/2013

12/1/2013, 5/12/2013, 6/13/2013

Left Right


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