Holy Attention, Batman!

Today was an overwhelming day! My mother-in-law decided to have a cookout and she invited both sides of my husband’s family to her house. I had a little bit of anxiety about this event, because as you know a cookout revolves mainly around food. I really didn’t want people to be asking me why I wasn’t eating or wasn’t eating much, because nobody knows that I’ve had surgery. I wish that I was an open-book and maybe someday I will be; however, I’m not ready to share with the world my drastic life change. Although nobody questioned what I was eating (because I put food on a plate and sort of pushed it around), I wasn’t quite prepared for what I got today….

And what I got today was a major amount of attention. It started from the second that I got out of the car. My husband’s aunt (who usually doesn’t say much) rushed to help me with bags of ice and said “Oh, my! You look incredible… WOW, you look so great”… I sat down… two more people at the table said something to me. Throughout the course of the day, probably a dozen people came up to me and said something – including my husband’s 87 year old grandparents. In fact, those two said the most. His grandfather came up to me and put his arm on my shoulder and he said “Tiki (that’s what his family calls me), I didn’t recognize you! You got out of the car and I thought, who is that? That’s Tiki! You look great!” and he just kept going on and on… he said, “Tiki… I have to know, how do you feel??” I told him, I’m feeling REALLY great!

I wish that I could express just how out of character it is for his grandfather to come up to me as say ANYTHING let alone the kinds of things and the amount of things that he did. Even his wife commented, “It’s a big deal for him to say anything… I can’t believe he came over here!” Forget about the fact that walking across the big yard to just come tell me I looked great was a big challenge physically for him, but it’s just not in his nature.

I didn’t know how to handle all of the attention. I just kept smiling and telling people thank-you. It’s such a double-edged sword. On one hand, of course I want people to notice that I’m trying hard, losing weight, looking better… but on the other hand… it’s awfully overwhelming to receive that amount of attention in such a public setting. I guess I hadn’t realize that I hadn’t really seen any of these people since I started the supervised diet in November. I guess it would be kind of shocking to see good old Tiki pull up and step out of her card 132 lbs lighter!

Fortunately and unfortunately, it’s going to probably be happening again this weekend. My husband and I are traveling to Ohio for my little cousin’s high school graduation party… so I will be seeing a decent amount of my father’s family there. Then, I’m going to a wedding in July where I’ll be seeing all of my Mom’s family. I’m sure by the time everyone has seen me around this weight, enough time will have passed before I see them again and I’ll weigh even less. From the other blogs and messages I’ve read on OH, it seems like this attention can last for quite awhile. I guess I better cope. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly appreciate of people telling me that I look great and that they are proud… I just find it incredibly overwhelming!


4 thoughts on “Holy Attention, Batman!

  1. I completely felt the same way when i was losing. Try not to let it get to you. I promise the comments will stop. At 5 years out I get noticed for how I look now, not that I’ve lost a lot of weight. Hang in there!!

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