F*&$ing Chair!! A Painful Morning!

WOW! I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I checked-in! It’s been 3 weeks and 1 day since my VSG surgery and I definitely have no complaints (well a few). BUT, I have to say that this post-op process so far has exceeded my expectations. Who knew how I got so to be so lucky to have an easy physical and mental recovery?

As I said, it’s been about 22 days since surgery and I’m feeling good. I do still experience some soreness around one incision area on my stomach (muscle soreness) and I’m assuming it’s the incision where they removed my stomach. I have had no problems with drinking liquids (water or crystal light) or eating anything that is on my diet plan. My diet hasn’t really changed much since the last post. For some reason, the one weight management doctor had told me at one week out that I could advance early to the next two stages of the diet plan and so while I jumped right in to the ricotta/cottage cheese part, I only dipped my toe in the canned chicken/light mayo pool at first. BUT, I’m happy to say that I have done perfectly fine, so I have been eating 1.5 oz. of canned chicken with some light mayo everyday! My protein is anywhere between 65-80 grams and my water is usually around 64 oz… sometimes I can get in a little more.

The most challenging part of this process, to be honest, has been not eating 30 minutes before, during, or 30 minutes after a meal. When you have to drink so many ounces of fluids and eat many times per day to hit protein goals… the timing is key! I still haven’t mastered it yet… but hopefully I’ll get there.

I’ve also started exercising (just cardio). I work on a college campus and I purchase a membership to the fitness centers on campus. Sure, it doesn’t make me feel good to be walking my 318.8 lb body next to a short, petite, skinny, beautiful coed that is running like crazy… but oh well… I figure that someday I’ll be running as well!

I’ve been in a stall for a week now. At first I was gaining a tiny bit of weight each day (.2 – .4 lbs) and then I started coming back down. For the past three morning I’ve weighed myself and I’ve been EXACTLY 318.8 every. damn. day. for three days straight. I knew that this stall was going to happen, but for some reason it doesn’t comfort me or diminish my frustration LOL! My lowest was 318.6 one week ago… so hopefully it doesn’t last forever!

So… on to the title of my post. This morning, I went to an event on campus where the Vice Provost of my area of the University was doing a Q & A with the campus president, very exciting! I went to the event and watched everyone eat a delicious breakfast and I was ok with that… BUT, we move over into the speaking area and I see my arch nemesis – a folding f*%$ing chair!!

Here’s the deal people – fat people hate folding chairs! They are the enemy! Ohhh, sure… they look convenient and happy to help you sit and relax… but really they suck balls! So anyway… I was slightly less worried about breaking them at this event than I have been in the past at 400+ lbs. I figure.. what the hell, I’ve lost 125 lbs… I’m sure I’ll be ok.

Well, the morning was miserable! First, they put all of the folding chairs right next to each other to cram people in to the room. Thank god I only had ONE person sitting next to me! Anyway, I was in SOOO much pain after sitting there for two hours for several reasons. FIRST, my ass has gotten smaller; therefore, my tailbone has been hurting when sitting on SOFT surfaces, let alone hard ones. Then, I was leaning over to the side a bit so I didn’t crowd the person next to me… that made my back start to ache. THEN, my legs started to hurt because I was too afraid to move around at all, for fear of breaking the chair and embarrassing myself in front of 400 people, the Vice Provost, and the University President.

UGH! So, it was a crappy morning in that sense… but it really got me thinking about how desperately I can’t wait for a day when breaking a chair doesn’t even cross my mind. I’m desperate for a day when people aren’t discourage from sitting next to me in a crowded auditorium because I’m encroaching on their space. I’m desperate for a day when I don’t have to spend an entire presentation in pain! I’m determined for that day to get here, but sometimes an experience like today makes me realize that I’ve come far… but still have a long way to go!


One thought on “F*&$ing Chair!! A Painful Morning!

  1. I have been following your blog and posts on OH but not in a stalker sort of way! I look forward to your posts, it seems you are going through everything I have been going through…the damn folding chairs and so much more….I haven’t had surgery yet, July 9th I will be having the sleeve ..5 weeks from today…and like you I also started out with a high BMI of 60….thank you for sharing!

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