General Update, Plastic Surgery Progress Pics, & Round 2?

It’s been awhile sine I have updated…. mostly because there hasn’t been much to share in my journey to be a healthier and happier version of me! March was also the busiest month I think I have ever had in my entire life. I’ve put in a lot of hours at my full-time job, completed a tremendous amount of freelance work, and finally finished the graduate class I got an extension on in the Fall (fell behind because of plastic surgery as well as gallbladder removal in December!). In addition to all of this, I’ve been traveling like crazy for both personal and work-related reasons.

I think things are finally calming down now. I thought I would write a short update and post new pictures to show the progress of my plastic surgery scars. I’m really happy with how they are looking, although I will admit to not liking the scar above my ass crack from the opening I had after surgery. No big deal, really, but bothers me a little bit! I have created a password protected post to show the progress on my plastic surgery scars. If you don’t have the password and would like it, shoot me an email at I promise to get better at checking this email address! 🙂

Just a couple of noteworthy things! First, I’ll be visiting Dr. Capella again on Friday for a follow-up appointment (I can’t believe it has been OVER six months since plastic surgery – where did the time go!?) During this appointment, Dr. Capella is going to talk to me about an inner thigh lift, something I have decided I want to do. I’m a little undecided about implants, but it’s something I’ll talk with him about. I won’t lie… there are certain times of the month (I’m guessing for hormonal reasons) that my breasts look much fuller and nicer than they do, say… right now. It’s moments like right now that I think, “Hmm… I wouldn’t mind some new ta-tas!” lol I don’t necessarily mind the SIZE of my breasts as much as the shape and fullness of them.

I have an idea of how much the thigh lift costs, which is why I have been doing so much freelance work. I was able to save half of the almost $20,000 cost for the first round of plastic surgery by saving, saving, saving! I financed the other half and at the time, my husband and I made a “deal” that together we would pay the cost of the financed portion of the first round of surgery and if I wanted anything else, that I would use my own freelance money for it (I keep all of my freelance money for myself… muahahaha!) I don’t want to finance the second round and I’d like to pay in cash… so I guess it will just take a little time! I’ll have to write another update after Friday’s appointment to let those who are interested know how it goes!

Also, I have less than 3 months before turning 30!!! Crazy! Obviously, when I started this blog I had a lot of goals for things I wanted to accomplish by 30. At the time, turning 30 seemed so far away and the list of things I wanted to do, see, and accomplish seemed impossible. It’s amazing how much your life can change in a few short years – for the better! Every time I go to my local support group, I tell pre-op patients that I would have this surgery over and over again…. even annually, like renewing a lease, if I had to because the experience has certainly been worth it! 🙂