Ah HA!!! My Suspicions Were Right!!

So, on the ObesityHelp.com forums people talk a lot about the bougie size that their surgeon uses during a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) and there is often debate about whether or not this size matters and has an effect on weight loss. I never asked my surgeon what size bougie he was going to use, because honestly I didn’t really want to know beforehand. I was comfortable with my surgeon, the hospital, and the weight management clinic and I trusted that they would do a good job. I do not have any other options in the area for VSG surgery that would be covered by my insurance and there is not way that I could self pay. With that being said, I was looking through my medical records online and found the notes from surgery (had no idea they were online) and was surprised, yet not surprised about what I found.

I have suspected from Day 1 that my sleeve was a larger size and to be honest, it’s because everything seemed to be a bit too “easy” in a sense. A lot of people have trouble drinking water, protein shakes, eating soft foods, etc. after surgery and those difficulties can sometimes persist for awhile after surgery. I felt so happy and blessed that my recovery was easier and that I didn’t have any of these problems (I still do). As some time passed, I started to wonder though why I wasn’t having as much trouble and it made me wonder if the surgeon made a larger sleeve.

Well, I stumbled upon the notes from my surgery today and saw that the surgeon used a 40f sleeve and does not oversew so it might not be super tight either? Who knows! One thing I do know is that I’m perfectly capable of getting to goal, even if my sleeve is a bit bigger than others. Only time will tell how much of a difference it will make… but I’ve been at this for awhile now and I’m not letting anything stop me! I just thought it was interesting that my suspicions were indeed correct and the bougie used was larger than a lot of other VSGers on the forums.


4 thoughts on “Ah HA!!! My Suspicions Were Right!!

  1. I was a 40f also and sometimes, when I read about other people puking or not being able to drink water, I am really glad. Other times I worry I won’t have enough restriction and will have a hard time maintaining my loss. As you know, it’s up to us to get to goal, no matter the size our tool is. I’m hoping that my ability to eat normally (well like my 2 year old) will help me not binge or go crazy later. I had 6 pieces of a sushi roll for lunch today and was stuffed, I probably should have stopped at 5. I am 10 weeks out and many new sleevers like me still have trouble getting shakes down. I can also drink 3-4 oz of water at a time. I am also 6′ tall and I know I probably have a longer stomach that plays into it too. Now, off to find my surgery notes online 🙂

  2. So I have a question then…my surgeon uses anywhere from a 32-36f, depending on the patient’s anatomy. Does this mean that I will likely have difficulty getting in fluids and such? That scares me more than anything, really.

    Glad you are progressing nicely…keep it up! You are awesome!

    • I don’t know that it will mean that you’ll have a difficult time. It could be a coincidence that I have a bigger sleeve and have no troubles at all…. it was just a suspicion that I had and whether or not the two were related, I just thought it was interesting that I do indeed have a larger size!

      My surgeon told me at my consult that some people have a great recovery and some people have nausea, vomiting, more pain, etc. and there is no physiological reason for it… which is frustrating! He said that some people’s bodies just don’t react well to the trauma/surgery!

      I have my fingers crossed for you that you have an easy recovery as well! I have no scientific proof/facts of anything!

      • I’m hoping for a relatively smooth recovery. The only surgical procedure I’ve ever had was wisdom tooth extraction (mine were impacted and had to be cut out of my jaw), and I recovered from that extremely nicely. But I was also 20 years old when that happened! 🙂 It’s now 20 years later and I’m having 85% of my stomach removed! I’m trying to psych myself up and tell myself that everything will be okay because my surgeon = awesome, and I feel like I am going to be in great hands.

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