Karma: You Know What They Say About It!

Although I realize that there is a deeper meaning and concept behind karma, I’m referring, in this post, to the simple concept of “what goes around comes around.” You know what “they” say about karma right? It’s a bitch! Today had me thinking about whether or not karma is real…

A little background. I grew up in a really small town and graduated with 75 other people. Because the town was so small, everybody knew everybody and everybody knew each other’s business! Typical small town stuff. Despite having a lot of friends and being in the “cool” crowd, there were some times when the guys in my grade would make fun of my weight as I was 30-35 lbs overweight throughout my high school years. Although direct teasing about my weight didn’t happen THAT often, I would overhear the very immature guys in my class talk about other girls being heavy which could be just as bad.

I left for college about two hours away and still live in that college town today. I haven’t gone back to my hometown much and one of the big reasons for that is because I didn’t want people to see the amount of weight that I had gained. I knew that it would be the talk of the town and I was just too embarrassed to let anyone see me. I didn’t want the judgment and “behind the back” comments that I knew would come because that is always what people did when others would come back from college having gained weight.

So, today I’m looking at a magazine that is put out every quarter with things that are happening in the area. As I was flipping through the magazine and I got to the back cover, I saw a full page advertisement for an insurance agency that has offices throughout the state. I was about to close the magazine when I saw the picture of the agents in an office a few hours away and I had to do a double take.

What I saw was one of the guys that I graduated with that used to make fun of heavy girls and was very judgmental, standing there 100-150 lbs heavier than when he was in school. Obviously, this immediately made me think of the concept of karma. I started thinking that if his 17 year old self knew that this is where his health would be in 10 years, would he have treated people any better?

In my less mature and more emotional state from a few years ago, I would’ve gotten some smug satisfaction and felt like maybe he got what he deserved. Instead, it made me very, very sad and I had a massive amount of empathy for him. I know exactly how he feels and seeing this picture just made my heart heavy. He’s not a bad person… but he clearly did take his health for granted and hopefully now is a little more empathetic himself. Who knows, maybe I’ll see him in November when we have our 10 year reunion, although I can say that if I weren’t losing weight… I probably wouldn’t show up myself.  Sad, but true!


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