You’re So Vain…. You Probably Think This Post is About You!

OK, OK…. I apologize if the title of my post has gotten Carly Simon stuck in your head for the rest of the afternoon. But, I have been having the same topic of vanity rolling around in my head for the past couple of days and wanted to share so that I could see what others thought about it! Continue reading


1st Support Group Meeting & Therapy Appointment

Yesterday and today, I had my first support group meeting and therapy appointments. While the attendance at two support group meetings is required as part of my program, the therapy session is something that I sought out in order to improve my mental health along with the physical changes that I have been making. My thoughts on these two events? Good and bad! I’ve started to wonder if I’m too hard on people… here are my thoughts… Continue reading

Pre-Op Diet: Month Three

I’m halfway there – wooohooo! Today I finished the 3rd month of the 6th month supervised diet required by my insurance and doctor’s office to have weight loss surgery (vertical sleeve gastrectomy). Included in this appointment was a “medical evaluation” and one-on-one discussion with theĀ dietitianĀ on staff. Everyone was impressed with my loss so far, which came in as a loss of…. Continue reading

Is This Separate…. or Together? A Social Experiment

Tonight my husband and I celebrated the 8th anniversary of our first date and really the anniversary of when we became a couple. Because we went to Applebee’s for our first date, we have made it a tradition to go there every year on January 31st.

Something happened tonight that doesn’t always happen, but it happens enough that I take notice. When we were finished eating, the waitress came up to us and said “Will this be on separate checks…….Or together?” Continue reading