Just Checking-In – WOW This Pic Got My Attention!

Just wanted to check-in! I haven’t posted much lately because well…. I haven’t really had much to say! Things are chugging right along and going pretty well… I guess I just haven’t had much to say! I’m 11 1/2 weeks out from surgery and currently at 285 lbs exactly. This is a 159.2 lb loss since November 20th – can’t complain with that! I’ve been really proud of myself for getting on average of 60 minutes of walking/exercise 6 or 7 days per week for the past 2 1/2 weeks. The scale hasn’t been moving any faster with this exercise, but I can DEFINITELY tell a change in my clothing, so that’s definitely a plus side.

So, the real reason I felt compelled to post today was because a friend of mine that I used to work with in a previous department found a picture of me from last year’s summer event. WOAH did it get my attention like a slap in the freakin’ face!! I’m so happy that I started this journey and took control of my health. Pictures like this blow my mind and I can’t even imagine all of the great things that are to come if I keep working hard!! I’ve included a comparison below…. Continue reading


Where Did This Confidence Come From?

What a week it has been! I haven’t been on the blog or message boards much this week because it’s been one of the busiest weeks of the year at work and I’ve had company staying with me. I’m so glad that tomorrow is Friday… I can’t WAIT for the weekend. All week long I’ve been wanting to post about a few different topics, but just didn’t get around to it. So, I guess I’ll ramble during this post! πŸ™‚ Continue reading

Seeing More Family & Wearing a Dress!

I mentioned in previous posts that I was attending my Mom’s wedding this weekend. I’m 150 lbs down, feeling great, and really wanted to try and look nice for the event! I bought a dress online, hoping that it would fit – and it did! In fact, it was actually a little big! It was so nice to go to an event feeling good about myself and not just wearing the black dress pants that I wear to work. I want to feel like a girl, damn it!! So… as promised, I took some pictures and wanted to share them. It’s fun to compare the pictures of my Mom and I at my wedding in June 2011 to the pictures of my Mom and I at her wedding yesterday. FINALLY, I got a picture with my husband too lol!

On a final note, just as a follow up to my previous posts about going to a family event where my Dad’s side of the family didn’t notice that I had lost weight… I definitely didn’t have a shortage of people noticing that I lost weight yesterday! There were many compliments and so many people on my Mom’s side of the family that were truly SO happy to see me and happy FOR me. It was definitely a nice day! πŸ™‚



Me in my size 22 dress that is a little bit big! I’m even wearing heels!


Me and the love of my life (husband). He’s so dreamy! πŸ™‚

A comparison of my June 2011 wedding and my Mom's wedding yesterday (July 2013)

A comparison of my June 2011 wedding and my Mom’s wedding yesterday (July 2013)

Employer Assessing $100/Month Surcharge for Insurance, Unless….

Our University notified us yesterday through a news article thatΒ “As part of a strategic plan to better control health care costs, officials in the Office of Human Resources have announced a wellness-focused initiative starting in July. To avoid paying a $100/month surcharge beginning in January, employees will need to complete steps of the Take Care of Your Health Initiative.” Continue reading

Bouncing Off the Walls!!

WOW, what a difference almost 8 months can make! I stopped drinking caffeine when I started the six month supervised diet in November of last year. Eventually, I cut out soda altogether. It was a big change, but one that I’m glad I made because I notice that I’m less dehydrated and sleep a lot better since cutting it out of my life.

Cut to today…. I took a Pamprin for cramps (sorry guys!) which has caffeine in it (I took one, so that’s 32.5 mg) HOLY SMOKES can I tell. It’s all I can do not to jump up and start running around the house as I type this. I was cleaning a few moments ago and I was literally jogging from room to room picking things up.

When you consider the fact that based on my estimations of espresso and large amounts of Diet Pepsi that I used to drink in a day, I was probably drinking 150+ mg per day and it didn’t even phase me… now I’ve just had a fraction of that and I have a feeling by the end of the day my house is going to be spotless. It’s crazy to even think about!!

A Head Scratcher: Holy Attention, Batman! Part Deux!

Last week, I wrote a blog post called Holy Attention, Batman! (my attempt at being funny) where I discussed the large amount of attention that I received when I went to a cookout at my mother-in-laws house over the weekend. It had been about 7 months since I had seen most people at this get together and I was happy, yet overwhelmed by the amount of people that commented on my weight loss – or rather, they told me that I looked “really great!” At that time, I had mentioned that this past weekend I would be spending time with my Dad’s family in Ohio and I was trying to get myself mentally prepared for the possibility of this happening again since they hadn’t seen me since my wedding two years ago. I would estimate I was around 420-425 lbs at that time and I am 302 lbs now. I have to say, this weekend is what I would call a real “head scratcher”…. Continue reading