Wow, it has really been 4 months? (and scar healing progress pics)

Click here if you are looking for plastic surgery progress pics. The arms and breasts are now 18 months out – the lower body revision and thigh lift are now a little over 9 months out. I am happy with how things have healed and still couldn’t recommend my surgeon, Dr. Joseph Capella and his PA, Scott, enough. His office staff was amazing as well.

On to the update!

I can’t believe it has been four months since I last gave an update. Time really does fly!

Things have been going well. I am loving my new job and all I appreciate all of the new experiences I am having. As I mentioned, the new job I started six months ago has me traveling the country almost every week and it’s exactly what I wanted. Never in my wildest dreams did I think 3 1/2 years ago that I would be getting on and off planes every week without worry of fitting into seats, seat belt extenders, strangers commenting on my size, etc. This whole process for me has been a journey I would take over and over again.

The downside to the new, fun, travel-filled life is 9 lbs. I wasn’t at a weight that I wanted to be at before I started this job and in six months I have put on 9 lbs and I know better than to act like that’s “nothing” – it is definitely something. The eating is not the part that is giving me trouble – I have kept a tight grip on my eating. It’s the alcohol. Oh, the empty liquid calories of free wine and cocktails. Very bad – and definitely sneaks up on you. You really don’t need to be drinking to excess all the time to see the scale creep up due to alcohol. Time to reel it in, big time!

I have the next two weeks working at home and then it’s off again! In this time, I’m going to catch up on work… hopefully be more active in online and real-life support groups, get to the gym, and spend time with family/friends that have felt neglected as I have been a road warrior. BUT, this time spent with them will include NO drinking lol. Time to get serious again!


9 thoughts on “Wow, it has really been 4 months? (and scar healing progress pics)

  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying your new job. Which is awesome. I think you have healed nicely. Some of your scars are beginning to fade. The 9# is real. This is a life long journey to remain disciplined and diligent in everything we eat and drink. I’m sure you will be able to lose it again. Its a good reminder to me that I need to make sure I don’t return to drinking my fru fru chai latte drinks because calories do creep in quickly.

  2. I don’t know where that 9 lbs is, because you look amazing. BTW, I have a new blog, I used to be weight2lose2013. I didn’t want you to think that an unauthorized person had the password.


  3. How are you doing? I finally had my VSG surgery and I’m down 110 pounds. I don’t want to lose anymore weight and would like to know how happy you are with your skin removal surgeries? Thanks so much! – Laurie.

    • Congrats to you! I have been busy and a bit stressed. I’m about to write an update.

      I am BEYOND thrilled, even at this point with my skin removal surgeries. I am SO glad I invested in it – and me! 🙂 I highly recommend to anyone that can afford it, for sure.

      • Great to hear! I will most likely do the arm and leg surgeries. My legs look like melting candles. It’s very sad. lol otherwise everything is ok. I had a tummy tuck after children (four in under five years) so with all the weight gone my stomach is as well. Actually, after a TT and you gain weight, the weight goes to other places like your back or hips. Lol or at least it did with me! I am thinking about waiting a solid year before getting surgery. I hope that’s a good decision. I currently weigh 156 and I really like this size on me but being so new (5.5 months post) my surgeon said I’ll end I’ll end up losing more in the next six. Ugh. Oh well. Thanks for your help!!! -Laurie

  4. Can you share your password to look at the post plastics photos? I may need to have many of the procedures you have done. I asked you before but haven’t logged in to comment in many months!

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