An Update on Me! Including Plastic Surgery Scar Progress Pictures!

I open every blog post these days with, “It’s been so long since I posted…” I remember when I first started the process (almost three years ago) to have weight loss surgery, I saw a lot of people post online that were 18 months+ out that talked about how they were so busy living their life that they were absent from online communities. At the time, I remember thinking “I can’t wait to be that person” and that’s exactly who I am today.

Things have been very busy for the past few months. I found myself really eager to explore more of the country/world and travel. My previous job didn’t allow me to do that and so I started searching. I just completed my 8th week at a new job that has kept me on the road for 7 out of those 8! I’m doing well with the new company and I travel the country on someone else’s dime. Can’t complain too much!

It’s strange to be living this new life. I live in a world now where everybody I meet (from my company or companies we work with) only knows this version of me. Nobody has any idea that I used to be heavier and sometimes they poke fun at how careful I am to not eat too much and exercise on the road. Sometimes I even get comments on how I don’t need to worry about it so much because I’m “fit” (which is funny because I don’t consider myself to be that fit at all.

Being on the road is a struggle when it comes to eating well. For the first few weeks, I let the food and drink consume me (because hey, it’s free!) But I have been doing better for the past couple of weeks. I am about 5-7 lbs higher than I want to be… so I’m working on getting into a better routine. I’m confident that I can find a balance. This kind of confidence isn’t something I have ever had. Heck, maintaining weight is something I was never able to do before – and in February I will be two years into maintenance (though plastic surgery did remove about 10-12 lbs). It’s always a struggle and a fight – but for me, it’s effort and a fight that is completely worth it.

Without this whole process, this new job never would have been a reality either. The fact that I can easily hop on a plane, fit into seats, need no seatbelt extender, and walk quickly in heels across the airport is not lost on me. I see people struggle to do these things almost daily now and I empathize. I realize it really wasn’t that long ago where I was in the same position. I am thankful everyday that I don’t have to worry about these things, but also realize that I could be right back in that position if I’m not mindful and careful.

Those are my random thoughts for now! If you are interested in updated plastic surgery photos, click here (email me if you don’t already have the password).


14 thoughts on “An Update on Me! Including Plastic Surgery Scar Progress Pictures!

  1. Hi! I just barely started following your blog (I’m not super techie…including blogs), but I’m enjoying it very much. I am two weeks out after my own VSG and I appreciate the camaraderie of others who’ve been where I’m at now. Could I get the password to view photos? I’m convinced already that the day that plastics is necessary for me will come and I’d like to be prepared for it. 😃

    Thank you for so generously sharing your story, and journey.


  2. You are such an inspiration! I am so glad that things are going well. I would love to see your updated photos, but I need the password.

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. You are looking wonderful and the scars are healing great.. I am going for my extended arm lift on Monday with Dr. Capella hope my results are as good as yours.. I enjoy your updates. Thanks for sharing.


      • Hey.. I am doing well.. almost 1 week no pain from the beginning never took a pain pill after leaving hospital which was day surgery . Arms look horrible but I looked back at your pictures at one week and then 7 weeks and I know that with patience that they will get better. Dr. C. and Scott are great and so is the rest of the staff I go see them on Monday I also had a tummy tuck scar revision so I have drains which will be removed then.. but that was really no pain either.. even though swollen I can see how much smaller my arms will be, I am thrilled.

        Hope you and your love ones have a wonderful Holiday season..

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