The Verdict Is In! I’m Flirty at 30!!

So, obviously when I started this blog and the process for having weight loss surgery, I had a time-related goal of getting to a place where I was mentally and physically healthy by the time I was 30 years old. I was 27 at the time, and to be honest…. 30 seemed so far away! I chose the name of the blog “Flirty by Thirty” because the concept of being “flirty” was more than just looking better. It was about having a certain level of confidence (in how I look and feel) as well as a mindset (for the first time in my life) where I was happy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror and didn’t feel constant unhappiness with my health.

Well, yesterday was my 30th birthday and I’m going to officially declare myself “Flirty at Thirty” and say that I have achieved what I didn’t think was actually possible when I started my blog. When I started, I was 444 lbs with a BMI of 63, and was absolutely miserable. Anyone that has reached that level of unhealthiness knows the constant misery having so much excess weight causes. To think that I couldn’t even stand long enough to wash the dishes (and had to sit down in a chair), is hard to even wrap my head around now.

There have been so many things I have been able to cross off my “30 by 30” list along the way. Some of my favorites include conquering the dreaded hill at work, flying in an airplane without an extender or second seat, buying flirty lingerie, zip lining, and wearing lots and lots of high heels! 🙂 I haven’t accomplished everything I want to, but that’s OK because hopefully I now have a long lifetime ahead of me to do everything I set out to do.

There are a lot of things that I think helped me along the way to achieve my goals. This list isn’t all inclusive, but if I had to summarize, it would be this:

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Be honest, accountable, and responsible. This means weighing/measuring/tracking food honestly. Don’t kid yourself by thinking you can have this surgery and continue to have the same eating behaviors as before surgery but “just less of it” – you will be surprised how easy it is to consume more food than you need beyond a year out from surgery. If you are not losing weight or have regained…. it is because you are eating too much. Period.
  • JUST AS IMPORTANT: Get therapy to work through your food issues. Let’s face it, the vast majority of people who are heavy enough to qualify for weight loss surgery have emotional issues with food. Some people are successful on working through these issues on their own, but many are not. Figure out your issues, face them, deal with them, and then move on with your life!
  • IMPORTANT IMHO: For me, staying as strict as humanly possible, for as long as humanly possible with the types of food I was eating in the supervised diet and for about 7 months after surgery (about 13-14 months overall) really helped me get as much weight off as possible as quickly as possible. Once I started letting certain foods back into my life, losing more weight has become a struggle.  I am STILL a firm believer in not attempting to practice “moderation” until you have worked through emotional food issues first. For me, it wouldn’t have been possible to practice moderation from the beginning and come anywhere close to my weight related goals. Now, I’m good to go… but I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if I hadn’t kept it very strict for a very long time.
  • Find a support system of people that can know where you’re coming from – whether that is family, friends, online support groups, or the support groups at your surgeon’s office.
  • Be assertive. Don’t let others pressure you into eating things you don’t want to eat, stop losing weight before you hit your goal, or talk you out of having surgery altogether.

Ok, well this has turned into a long post! I just want to thank everyone for their continued support. From here, the goal is to maintain the “Flirty at Thirty” mindset and work in improving my fitness and body once I’m healed from my second round of plastics. Who knows where the direction of this blog will head now? But, I will continue to check-in and be more than happy to post plastic surgery progress photos and answer questions, if you’re all interested! 🙂

Picture from yesterday! 🙂



16 thoughts on “The Verdict Is In! I’m Flirty at 30!!

  1. You look beautiful!! I have followed you on obesityhelp from the beginning. I hope to have the same great success as you did!! You also have a beautiful attitude. June 27 is also my mom’s birthday. She would have been 80. Lots of continued success to you.

  2. Who would have ever guessed you weighed 444 pounds 3 years ago!!! You look stunning. You are beautiful inside and out!!! Great job!!!

  3. Unbelievable! I’ve been following your blog for some time, and have been witness to some amazing changes. Yes, you are flirty by thirty! Congratulations on your success!

  4. You are truly an inspiration. Your comments about being honest with oneself, seeking out ongoing support and therapy are well thought out. As I enter this phase in my own journey I understand that losing the weight has been a challenge, but by far the hardest part of the ongoing journey is keeping the weight off.
    A very warm Congratulations,

  5. You look amazing. Which Dr. Capella did you use for everything? and I must have missed it I know there was a few posts about cost but what do you think is your overall plastics cost if you don’t mind sharing?

  6. You sure did it GF! Not that I EVER doubted you would. You are such an inspiration. Many thanks for your honesty in sharing such ultra personal details and photos with us. It truly helps us as we move through our own journey. I have a little over 30 pounds to go until I make my appt with Dr. Capella. I wish I could click my heels and be there but I know it could be another 6-10 months. Any words of wisdom to lend to help get me there?. 😉. I sure could use them!

    • Thanks so much for the support! The only thing I can say about the last 30 pounds is that it’s all about what you eat… exercise is great for overall health/fitness but those stubborn pounds really come down to keeping the calories low and protein high!

      • Awesome, thanks! I have slacked a little in the protein department for sure. I will step it up and keep on going!!! I was wondering, how long were you maintaining being under 200 before you booked your consult with Dr. Capella. I’ve heard differing opinions on that.

      • For me personally, I did it as soon as possible. Knowing I wouldn’t actually be scheduling surgery for another 4-6 months… I consulted with him when I had been maintaining for 3 months.

  7. I never got to see your photos. I guess my pass word didn’t take. I’d love to see them. I’m working my own journey now in my 12th month.

  8. I am late to the party to say Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Just had my one year anniversary WLS. Still need to lose at least 20lbs maybe more, I feel like my goal is a moving target until I actually get there. Thinking about plastic surgery these days myself, I live on Long Island, so using Dr. Capella isn’t out of the question for me. Weight loss right now is slow… you get spoiled when it is coming off fast. I assuming you would recommend Dr. Capella?

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