Two Days Post Thigh Lift/Lower Body Lift Revision

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! I have been doing a lot of traveling for personal and work reasons. During this travel, I have spent a lot of time thinking (because you have time to do that on plans and car rides) about how my life has changed in the past couple of years. I have the opportunity to do so many more things now that I’m not trapped in a 450 lb body. I feel great, I look great, and I am healthy!

At almost 450 lbs, I never would have been able to fly in a plane without buying a second seat. I never would have been able to wear nice, properly fitting clothes and heels with confidence while giving a presentation at a conference last week. I never would have been able to spend the weekend doing all kinds of fun things in a fun city – like visiting a jazz club, comedy club, and the zoo! Even if I had the physical stamina to last through these activities, the embarrassment of trying to navigate around in these situations with such a large body would have been extremely difficult.

So, two days ago (on Thursday), I went to New Jersey to have a medial thigh lift procedure and revision of my lower body lift with Dr. Capella. The surgery took about 3 hours and I was able to go home the next day – which I did, since my husband had to work on Friday. I’m happy to report that things went well and I”m doing ok.

What I find the most interesting is that I’m in some discomfort, but not really a lot of pain, to be honest. I haven’t taken a pain killer in over 12 hours and I may try to stay away from them from this point forward. I got sick this morning with terrible headaches and throwing up and I think the pain meds were just not sitting well with me!

I was disappointed to wake up and learn that I had two drains put in – that was a bummer. Dr. Capella had said I wouldn’t need them, but I guess when he got in there he saw that I had a seroma and fluid buildup left from the first surgery that apparently wasn’t noticeable during my checkups? It’s news to me too! You would think I would have noticed fluid retention, but I guess not lol. SO, he said to get the best result, he put in drains to make sure all of the fluid comes out. Annoying, but for the best I’m sure!

My incisions look like I expected them. I was surprised by how much of the lower body lift he revised though. I thought he was just taking up the sides a bit, but I’m cut almost the entire way around. Even though things are going well… ugh, I think this is IT for me! I’m tired of recovering from surgery lol.

I’ll take some pictures tomorrow to share with anyone that is interested, but beware… it’s scary looking!


7 thoughts on “Two Days Post Thigh Lift/Lower Body Lift Revision

    • You are so kind! I’m not sure if it’s brave – maybe crazy and vain? lol. For me, the recovery, cost, and scars are worth it… but not everybody feels that way! Thanks for always supporting me!!

  1. Oh yay I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I feel like i am disappointed for you about doing more of the revision on top…you were healing so well and looked so great! But I am sure that it will be all worth it in the end. What an amazing journey you have been on. Congratulations and keep us posted!!

    • Thanks! I know, the scars are fading pretty well in all of the other areas. Now the majority of my incision all the way around at the bikini area will be red again! At least nobody can see that!! I can’t wait for the day when these thigh ones are completely healed… I love to wear dresses now! 🙂

  2. I’m happy to hear that things went well. I so totally support the surgeries and it gives me the confidence to not even worry about it too much (loose skin or surgery either one!)

    On a side note I recall a couple of post where you had stated you couldn’t really tell if you are swelled or retaining fluid, so it is really great that he discovered it.

    I do have a question, if you had done the thighs with the first surgery do you feel you would hAve needed a revision on the lower body again?

    Best of luck on continued healing and enjoying the rest of your life!

    • Hey there! Thanks for the comment! I’m not really sure if the sagging would have happened it the thighs were done in the first surgery. Some surgeons do them together, and I think even Dr. Capella does on occasion; however he said that you are pulling the skin in opposing directions when you do that and so maybe it still would have happened? I do know I’m glad that I have the use of my core and upper body though, so two different surgeries wasn’t such a bad thing!

  3. Hi! I’m at work reading your blog… i’m in the process of getting the sleeve done! I loved what I read, thanks for sharing your experience with us!!! How can I see your pictures? I have extremely thick thighs, I wish I could have something to look at in case I need a lift, if you don’t mind. God bless you!!! xo

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