The Difference Two Years Can Make….

November 20th was the two year “anniversary” of sorts since I decided to live a healthier life. I had my first appointment with the weight management clinic and when I showed up there, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had assumed, at my size, they would recommend weight loss surgery… but I wasn’t completely sold on the idea. It was November 20th, 2012 when I had my first appointment and when I made a decision to improve my life – and I haven’t looked back since!

When I started the process, I was 444.4 lbs and I still can’t really wrap my head around that number. It’s only been two short years, but if I’m going to be honest… I’ve almost completely forgotten the physical, emotional, and mental anguish of being 250+ lbs overweight. I’m not sure why that is… maybe it’s because by the age of 18 or 19, I had (at most) been 25-30 lbs overweight and haven’t experienced severe morbid obesity for my entire life.

On one hand, I’m happy that I can’t remember that pain… since I have vague memories of it being complete torture and absolutely miserable. On the other hand, I worry that not remember how it felt to be that size could lead to a very gradual return to a former life that I’m trying to completely forget.

I’m not going to lie to you – life is much better. Life is easier. For anyone who hasn’t been obese, morbidly obese, or severely morbidly obese, it would be difficult for you to understand. The mental freedom I have in knowing I can fit into chairs (without them breaking), go into any store to buy clothing, be in good health, ride roller coasters, fly in airplanes, move about a room with ease, etc. is so freeing. I no longer feel like a prisoner in my own body. It’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve become happier, more social, more confident. It’s amazing to see how the world has changed around me too. My husband and I are no longer asked if we want “separate checks” when we go out to eat. People smile at me a lot more and chit-chat (mostly men), and people will hold doors open for me wherever I go. It’s definitely an interesting and welcome change.

So, today I weighed in at 192.8. The lowest I saw on the scale after plastic surgery was 189 for a day. Within the last week, I experienced some bad eating days and LOTS of swelling and actually saw 201,2 last Thursday. It scared me for sure. I’m coming back down now and I’m very happy about it! Honestly, I’d love to see 185 on the scale, but settling for 189 would be fine too. I just want to fit comfortably into any size 10 or 12, medium or large and focus now on strength training and staying active. The number on the scale will just drive me crazy…. but, I do hope to do body fat % testing again next month to see if there is any change from almost a year ago when I did it in February.

I’m going to create a separate post with my 2 month post-plastics pictures to show how things are healing and also to do a before/after comparison. I’m so happy to have gone through the process of plastic surgery and can’t say enough amazing things about Dr. Joseph Capella and his team! Email me for the password, if needed.


6 thoughts on “The Difference Two Years Can Make….

  1. You look great! Are you finding yourself being more critical of your body post plastics? I’m just 3 weeks out from your same procedures but find myself staring at my thighs thinking how gross they are and wishing I’d had them done. Still trying to learn to love and accept myself the way I am. I was 198 flying diwn for plastics and am 184 now after 9 lbs of skin was removed. You’d think I’d bee static but instead I just see my flaws 😦

    • Well, I’m very happy about the results… but I do know what you mean. I find myself being critical of my body, but not in a way where it overshadows my happiness. Things have definitely “loosened up” in the last few weeks, so I go back and forth on whether or not having the inner thighs done would be worth it. I know I’m going to try and do strength training for my lower body, but that can only help so much!

  2. What you have accomplished is amazing. I am 16 mo since my surgery and I feel better than I have in years. I too understand what it means to be able to do things. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Doesn’t it just feel like the world opens up for you when you lose weight? It seems almost unfair. It probably is.

    Congratulations on feeling good and I know you’ve kicked butt. I can’t wait to see the before and after images. I’m sure they’ll be inspirational.

  4. Such inspiration! I’m 9 days post op and feeling pretty good. You have no idea what you give to those of us who are new to this process–I can talk to my loved ones, but they really don’t “get it” the way you do. Thank you!

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