Paying for Expensive Plastic Surgery

I’ve had a few people on the message boards, Facebook groups, and my blog ask me recently how I’m paying for plastic surgery and whether or not my insurance is covering anything. I thought it would be a potentially informative or helpful thing to write about in a post!

First, my insurance is not paying for any part of the plastic surgery that I’m having in the next two weeks. While insurance would pay for some surgery if I were experiencing documented and recurring rashes, I have not (thankfully) experienced any of those kinds of problems. I knew when I started this process almost two years ago that I was going want plastic surgery, should I ever get anywhere close to a “normal” weight. I also moved forward with the assumption that I would get no help from insurance, not that I would expect to…. so about two years ago, I decided if I wanted it bad enough, I would make a plan for paying for it!

So, a little over two years ago, I paid off my car. I don’t have to drive much to and from work, so I knew the car could last me a decent amount of time. Within six months before I started the weight loss journey, I had started putting the $300/month I was spending on the car into a savings account – pretending to still make “payments” to save money for the down payment on another. It wasn’t long after I started the weight loss journey that I decided to forgo the new car and use that fund (that was barely started) for plastic surgery.

Time went by… I got a promotion. I calculated the increase in my paycheck each month (I get paid monthly) and I added that to the $300. Then, raises came…. I added that to the $300. Then, another promotion and raise… added that as well. Up until last month, I was up to putting $600/month away into this fund. Over the course of almost 2 years, I managed to save $10,000 exactly – just a little over half of what I would need to pay for the first round of surgery – breast lift, lower body lift, and extended arm lift that cost about $19,500.

So, for the remaining $9,500 and misc. expenses that come with having the surgery, I financed with a loan from the credit union where I work. I chose the credit union because they had the best rates. Thankfully, my credit score is in the 800s, so securing financing at a good rate was not difficult at all. I’m hoping to continue to take that $600 and make payments on the loan for about two years. My husband and I agreed that if I choose to do a “round 2” for plastic surgery (thighs and/or implants) that I would pay for that surgery completely on my own with the money I make doing freelance work. Fair deal, in my opinion!

What would I have done if I didn’t have the extra cash or didn’t have very good credit? Honestly, I would’ve gotten a second job and saved for as long as humanly possible. My “second job” now is the freelance work that I do and I’m lucky that I can do that at home for what I consider to be decent money. If I didn’t have this opportunity, you’d find me at the local retail store, restaurant, wherever working in the evenings and weekends to make the extra cash! I want it bad enough to do whatever it takes!

There are a lot of people that are completely happy without having plastic surgery. I’m jealous of them! They say they wear their excess skin like a “badge of honor” and I just can’t get adopt that thinking – for myself. I wish I could. I don’t know if that means I’m vain, have low self-esteem, or if it’s because of my age or what…. but I want this stuff gone and I don’t ever want to see it again. When I look in the mirror, I see a reminder of a period of time when I didn’t take care of myself, was miserable, and on my way to an early grave!

I’ve felt a lot of guilt over the past 6 months about spending this kind of money to fix a body that I destroyed. However, with some therapy, reflection, and the passing of a little time… I’ve learned to let it go. There’s nothing I can do about it now, except be the healthiest person I can be and keep the weight off for life. I’ve got a second chance and I don’t want to ruin it – and I know exactly how easy that would be to do!


6 thoughts on “Paying for Expensive Plastic Surgery

  1. I have also started a saving acct for plastic surgery post wt loss and if by some miracle ins pays for it…I’ll have $$ for an awesome trip!!!

  2. I’m really proud of you, God Bless your journey and congrats. Keep the pictures coming. I want to see your outcome, again congratulations!

  3. Thanks for this. I’m now considering plastics in July 2016, after I hit my goal and have been stable for 6-12 months. I’ve come up with a budget that will give me $12,000 by the time of surgery and if I have it done in Mexico (I had my VSG there), that should be enough. I’m pretty much going to be getting the same thing you had done. I’m ALSO looking into Dr. Capella since you raved about him. To clarify, was the total cost $20,000 for everything?

    • Yes, the $19,500 was for all 3 procedures – the lower body lift, extended arm lift, and breast lift! 🙂 I’m going to get a price on a thigh lift and a thigh lift and implants when I go there next week for my 3 month check up! I’m undecided about having more surgery, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! 🙂

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