Plastic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss: Pre-Op Exam & My “Famous” Body!

I feel as though writing about yesterday’s pre-op appointment with the plastic surgeon is a great way to officially kick off my updates about the process. My blog has been a little quiet for little awhile, because there hasn’t been much to say – but that’s certainly all about to change! For those of you that don’t know, I’m having Round 1 (of possibly 2) of plastics done with Dr. Joseph Capella in Ramsey, NJ. It’s about a 3 1/2 hour drive for me (without traffic) and I definitely think it will be totally worth it.

I chose Dr. Capella because of several reasons. First, he has a reputation as being one of the best plastic surgeons in the country for patients of massive weight loss. I’ve seen a lot of his work and it really is great. Also, after a lot of research, I really do feel as though his prices are reasonable, he can combine several procedures at once, and he is very efficient in the ER. For Round 1, I will be having an extended arm lift, breast lift, and lower body lift. I will be in the OR for a total of 6 hours and it will cost $19,500 (approximately). I went to a consult with another doctor that would spent 11 hours in surgery doing just the lower body lift and arm lift for $22,500 and has less experience…. so I definitely feel as though I’m making the right choice.

Dr. Capella also has an amazing bedside manner. He’s so friendly, patient, and all smiles when you talk to him. I will admit, I was a bit smitten with him! haha 🙂 So, anyway… yesterday I showed up for my pre-op appointment where the surgery coordinator went over my pre-op instructions, I made my payment (ugh, ouch!), and she gave me my prescriptions.

When it was time to see Dr. Capella, he answered all of the questions that I had and showed me before and after pictures of people that looked very similar to me in terms of how much excess skin/tissue they had. I’m very excited to see how I will look to say the least! The worst part of the appointment was when he showed me my pictures. Does anybody really like to look at naked pictures of themselves? I’m guessing no! lol!

Then came the interesting part! Dr. Capella said that he’s going to be giving a few lectures at a few conferences in the coming months and that he would like to record my surgery to show during these presentations. He said that I’m the perfect candidate to show people attending the conferences that I’m a “tough case” after losing almost 250 lbs, but someone with a really great shape underneath that will have an excellent result with the techniques he’s using. When he said I was the “perfect candidate” for this surgery… I said, “Oh, I bet you say that to everyone” – yes, flirting a little maybe hahahahaha or at least trying to – and he smiled and said “oh no, definitely not! definitely not!”

So, although there will be no face or identifying information in the video… any talks he is doing in the upcoming months will have my hot mess of a naked body in it! Pretty awesome lol! Yesterday, he did a “mock markup” with a sharpie and his assistant recorded it so that he could have that as well. It was actually pretty cool to see just how much he’s going to remove and from where…. it got me SO excited for the process. Though, I will admit that I haven’t completely gotten the lines off of me yet! LOL He was very appreciative that I would let him do this and told me he was VERY excited for my surgery because he thinks he’s going to be able to give me exactly what I want. It was music to my ears.

Probably the night before surgery, I’m going to be posting before photos here on my blog. Personally, I would’ve found it really helpful to see what the body of someone at my “stats” would look like after losing 250 lbs… and I want to be informative! I may password-protect it though, just so that people don’t see almost naked pictures the second they open my site haha… I still have to figure that all out.

Next step: Tomorrow’s medical clearance appointment with my PCP. Assuming all is well, she’s going to sign off on surgery and I will send that and my lab results to Dr. Capella’s office in the morning. Then, I’ll book a few nights in the hotel for my stay afterwards. Can’t wait!


10 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss: Pre-Op Exam & My “Famous” Body!

    • Hey there! I started saving money when I started the process of losing weight almost 2 years ago. When I paid off my car shortly before starting the process, I was continuing to put my car payment amount in my savings account. Then, as I got promotions and raises in the last 2 years, I took the difference in my paycheck and immediately sent it to savings so I didn’t get used to making it! That all added up to about $10,000 in 2 years. The other $10,000 I took out in a personal loan from the credit union affiliated with the University I work at!

  1. I am so excited for you!!! I am 6 weeks post op RNY and you are truly an inspiration. I hope to one day have the same success as you. Good Luck!!!

  2. Congrats, it is well deserved! I’d ask if he would give you a discount … I mean he is going to show your naked body to whomever, right?? You deserve a little compensation for that! Even if he swore up and down that no one would see my face I still don’t think I’d have the guts to let him tape it … you are much braver than me!

      • The good news is, if he’s recording the surgery he’ll probably be doing the best work of his career because he knows it’s going to be shown to others. He’ll be aware of that camera the whole time and he’ll probably make extra sure that he’s doing everything perfect!

  3. I’m heading to Mexico for my plastics with Dr. Sauceda Nov 4 and having the same three procedures! While I am paying less than you, you are still getting an amazing deal for what sounds like a great Dr. Usually they want almost 30k for that amount of work here in the US. I haven’t been active on OH in forever or commented here in a long time I have been following your journey and am so Impressed you are still blogging! After the first 6 months I was done with living as a wls patient all the time. There was a whole year of blogs and youtube channels every day all about wls and eventually I just put it all away to live my new and better life. But you documenting this for pre-ops is such a blessing. You rock!!

    • I certainly understand what you are talking about…. I don’t blog as much, because not much has been new… I’ve just been living life! It can to be VERY exhausting to concentrate so much on all of this, ALL the time. But, I’m glad the surgeries and craziness are coming to a close soon!

      Congrats on booking surgery! I almost went with Dr. S. too… decided to stay close to home because I was too stressed by thinking of ways to make the logistics of MX work! GOOD LUCK!! 🙂

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