Plastic Surgery Scheduled!!

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted an update. I haven’t spent much time online in blogs, Facebook groups, or OH in awhile because live has just been so busy, I can’t seem to keep up with everything. I always have exciting things I want to share and I want to be able to get back to people that write to me, but I’ve been lousy at keeping in touch! :/

Some exciting news that I did want to share is that I have scheduled plastic surgery – woohoo! I had a second plastics consult on June 6th with a doctor in the hospital system where I had my surgery. He was a nice guy that seemed to have decent skills, but I decided to schedule surgery with Dr. Capella in New Jersey for a few reasons. First, he was amazing and the work he does looks like it’s top notch. His price was reasonable and I trust him.

The doctor I met with a week or so ago said that he could do two procedures at a time – since my priorities are my arms and lower body, he said he could do a lower body lift and arm lift together. I was a little disappointed with this, since Dr. Capella had said that he could do a lower body lift, breast lift, and arm lift all at once. This leaves me potentially with no other surgeries needed (well…. not “needed” but you know what I mean). If I don’t think I want implants or an inner thigh lift afterwards, then I won’t be doing anything else… because at least the breasts will be lifted! The last thing I want is a somewhat normal looking body because my arms/lower body looks good and then saggy boobs! Another selling point? The doctor from last week said doing just those two procedures would leave me in the OR for 11 hours – what!? 11 hours! lol…. I am much more comfortable with the fact that Dr. Capella can do those 3 procedures in 6 hours…. I think his OR time speaks to his skills… but of course, I could be wrong!

One thing I was surprised by with my consult last week were the example pictures the surgeon showed me. To be honest, it looks like he does decent work but I found it a little hard to tell since ALL of the patients he seems to operate on are still very heavy. I know that I’m not in a “normal” BMI and that I still have some extra weight on me too…. but his patients started out in the “before” pictures very heavy and so in the after pictures… they of course looked better… but still very heavy, and it was hard to tell if that was the reason they didn’t look as I thought they would or if was the surgeon’s skill? I don’t know…. I’m not really sure!

Either way, I’m happy with my choice and excited that I’ve put down a deposit and have a scheduled date of Thursday, September 25th. I’ve requested the time off of work and everything is falling into place! My 29th birthday is coming up soon…. so that leaves one more year until I’m “flirty by thirty” lol (that’s so corny) and I think it’s not going to be a problem at all :o)


6 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery Scheduled!!

  1. So exciting! I’m less than 15 lbs from goal (I’ve gone from 432 to 193) & can’t wait to tackle the plastics. I’m hoping to travel to NJ to get a consultation from Dr. Capella, too. I’m guessing I’ll need a BL/BA, LBL, TL and AL… the works! Would you mind sharing any kind of ballpark cost? (If you can’t, no big deal 😉 ). Good luck with all of yours! You look fantastic!

  2. (different Liz from above)
    I just found your blog. Really great stuff. You could totally write a book.

    I’m still making my way though from the beginning so it’s possible you addressed this already and I haven’t gotten to it yet. I saw having a baby is on your 30 by 30 list. So I was wondering what your thoughts were on having plastic surgery before pregnancy (which might stretch out skin and muscle that was tightened up during ps) vs. PG before PS.

    I’m also looking forward to reading more about how your husband reacts to the changes in you and how your relationship evolves. That sounds really creepy and stalkery, but I just mean because that’s something I think about a lot in my own journey.

    • Great questions and thanks for reading!!

      Both plastic surgeons I consulted with told me that as long as I gained an appropriate amount of weight when pregnant, I should have no troubles returning to a post-plastics, pre-pregnancy body. In an ideal world, I would have children first; however, I know that when we have kids, the money and down time for plastic just won’t be there!

      As far as the relationship between my husband and I, I fear plastics will have the same result as my weight loss – which is no reaction from him whatsoever. I really did think when I lost all the weight he would be all over me, desire me, have passion for me. As it turns out, he’s just not a passionate guy – about anything. Here I always thought he wasn’t interested in intimacy or offer compliments because of my size and now I’ve realized that it has nothing to do with me. It’s a struggle, because I need a lot of words of affirmation… so we’ll see how things go. I’ve felt like I’ve been struggling a little bit with out relationship and my happiness for the past few months or so…

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