Changing up my routine

I just passed the 10 month post-op mark. Woohoo! There isn’t much to report for this month, as I’ve had a not-so-staggering weight loss of exactly 1 lb! Yikes! In that time, I did go down to a lower pant size; however, I know the fluctuations in my weight have been from a lack of tracking (when I go off-track) and not staying on course as far as eating goes. Tracking (which means weighing and measuring food too) = success for me without.a.doubt.

I’ve decided to change my eating plan to increase my calories. NO, NO, NO I am NOT increasing my calories because I think it will “break a stall” – I’m not in a stall. Overall, I have been consuming almost a maintenance level of calories because I’ve been trying to go “hardcore” and eat low calories – but I feel miserable and hungry on those days… and it leads me to an unhealthy behavior of going (what I like to call) “off the rails” and eating wayyyyy too much in a day. Just how much, I do not know… because I don’t track when I go off the rails (bad Nikke!!); however, the scale doesn’t lie and it’s enough to impede weight loss. I may be “hardcore” for 3-4 days in the week, but eat so much the other 3-4 days that it ruins the work I’m doing.

So again, I am stopping my weight loss, I am not in a stall. I think it’s really important to point this out, because I think sometimes people say they are in a “3 month long stall” and I don’t know that I believe stalls of that length really exist. I think at some point, you’re not stalling – you’re maintaining. But, I’m no expert or vet, so what do I know (seriously) lol

So, I’ve upped my calories and decided that weight loss will come when it comes. While I’m still very dedicated to losing weight, improving fitness, and getting to a goal (even though I’m not sure what that should be anymore), I am not as dedicated to getting to that place as fast as humanly possible. I have to face the fact that at least at this point in time, I do not have the same willpower I had in the past to lose at a super fast rate.

Upping my calories, at least for the last week, has led to more consistency for me and the consumption of less calories over the entire week (because the off the rails days have stopped). Surprise, surprise… I am 4.2 lbs less than I was one week ago (but, that was after my weight jumped up 2 lbs from 2 days of poor eating lol). Mentally, I’m much happier now because I’m not often hungry and I’m still losing. Win-win.

On a much more fun note, I’ve signed up for the local Autism Speaks 5K on April 5th. This is my 2nd 5K (walked the Color Run in September) and my 1st attempt at running. I really hope I can do it!! Getting nervous!! It’s crazy to think that 18 months ago I could barely get out of bed in the morning and stand for 5 minutes without pain… and yesterday I ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill at the gym. I’m SO grateful everyday for the gift of good health!



3 thoughts on “Changing up my routine

  1. We should find a 5K that happens on the same day in both of our cities and do one on the same day! What do you think?

    I bumped up my calories this month too…we’ll see how things go. Isn’t it funny how we are a constant science experiment?

  2. You are such a motivation. I’m glad you’ve shared your latest decision regarding your diet. I hope your next 5k adventure is fantabulous!

  3. I think upping your calories under those circumstances was a great plan. And I love how honest you are with yourself. That has meant you could make a really great informed choice for your eating. Good work!

    You’re such an inspiration. Have a wonderful time at your 5K! I can’t wait to do one myself!

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