“BodPod” Body Fat % Testing Results

So for awhile now, I’ve been wanting to get a testing of my body fat percentage to have a better understanding of how much of me actually is fat and how much of me is all the other stuff! Yesterday, I completed a BodPod test which calculated my fat and fat-free measurements, as well as calculating my resting metabolic rate.

So, the results were in – and it only took about 5 minutes! I was actually pretty disappointed with the results and I’m not sure why. I know that I’m still overweight and there is plenty of fat left on me. I didn’t expect to be in a normal range, but I guess I thought I might be closer? Here were my results:

  • Total Weight – 200.1 lbs
  • Body Fat % – 36.5% (73.03 lbs)
  • Lean % – 63.5% (126.97 lb)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Estimate – 1,772 kcal/day
  • Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) Estimate – 2,142 kcal/day

From the information I was given, here are the body fat % categories or women:

  • Elite Fitness – 15-18.9%
  • Athlete – 19 – 22.9%
  • Average – 23 – 29.9%
  • Excess Fat (Overweight) – 30 – 39.9%
  • Risk (Obesity) – 40% & Up

So, according to the chart, I’m in the middle of the “overweight” range. I guess that makes sense… I’m not sure why I’m surprised. I guess I’d love to pretend that I’m almost done with losing weight LOL! What was interesting is that if I were to be able to maintain my lean mass at 127ish lbs, then the 23-30% weight range for my body would be about 165 – 183ish. According simply to a BMI chart, the very TOP of a health weight range for me would be 174. So, this does give me an idea of where I could be considered “healthy” when taking my body fat % into account. Of course, that is only if I lose fat and not some of the muscle.

I’m not really sure where to go from here with this information; however, I’m glad that I did it. I feel as though body fat % will help me to better determine a realistic weight for me in the future, so maybe I will plan to do it again in 4-5 months and see where I’m at. Until then, I’m going to try to keep eating lean, stay healthy with exercise, and try to lose 1.5-2 lbs per week. Perhaps by my one year anniversary of surgery 10 1/2 weeks from now, I will find myself calling “goal!” For now.. I’m just happy the ONDERLAND hump is over, assuming the scale doesn’t move in the wrong direction on Monday! On that note, I’m starting to really like the not getting on the scale every morning. In fact, yesterday and today I didn’t even think about it – so freeing! Hopefully this will help my to stop obsessing and start trying to live life like a normal person!!


3 thoughts on ““BodPod” Body Fat % Testing Results

  1. Hey not sure you’ll remember me but I was the person who stayed up half the night reading your whole blog posts, and I’m the one that asked where you got the gorgeous dress from which was JCP. Look up the app my weight if you aren’t aware of it. I love it. You put in your start weight and it will tell you your BMI and level of obesity plus you put your current and goal weights and it will show how far you’ve gone, your current BMI etc. I love pulling it up! You are amazing and such an inspiration !!

  2. It looks to me like it was a pretty encouraging result, if I understood it correctly. You’ve been looking at about 175 as a healthy weight based on BMI. BMI is just not very precise. The scan seems to indicate you’ve got more muscle and skeletal mass than the average person your height. So if a healthy range is starting at 183 pounds, doesn’t that mean you’re actually closer to that healthy range than you thought before you took the scan?

  3. I weigh about the same as you and after 3 months of going to the gym Monday through Friday, my body fat is now 23% down from 28%. I think I’m heading in the right direction but the scales have only gone down four pounds – bummer when you go to the doctor. Anyhow, my goal is 19% body fat and not sure what the scale wants to do. It has a mind of its own. Best wishes!!

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