7 Months Post-Op and Struggling Today!

Today, I am 7 months post-op! I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly. I’m really looking forward to having a break soon for the holidays…. work has been getting pretty busy lately. I’m wondering if that’s why I find myself struggling today with wanting to eat? I’m not feeling any physical hunger at the moment… but the head hunger is practically killing me. Maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s just from feeling tired… but today is a day where I could very easily resort back to some poor eating habits! I’m having a really hard time resisting the sweets that are in the house. Thank goodness I’m leaving after I write this to go to my mother-in-law’s house! I can get my mind off of it for awhile.

Overall, I’m down 228.2 lbs from when I started the supervised diet – I couldn’t be happier! Since surgery 7 months ago, I’ve lost 122 lbs exactly. I find it really interesting that in the 7th month, I lost slightly more than the 5th and 6th months. I joined a gym a month ago and have been doing some light weightlifting and working on the Couch-2-5K app 3-4 times per week… so it’s possible that as my weight loss was going to naturally slow down, the exercise kept it from doing so? Perhaps I joined the gym at the perfect time? Who knows! It’s not a huge difference, but I’ll take it!! My monthly losses have looked like this:

  • Month 1 = 24.8
  • Month 2 = 17.8
  • Month 3 = 18.0
  • Month 4 = 19.2
  • Month 5 = 13.2
  • Month 6 = 12
  • Month 7 = 14

One thing I have noticed is the return of physical hunger. Not a lot… but it is certainly there. I feel those hunger feelings again when I haven’t eaten in awhile. Not only that, but I’ve definitely noticed an increase in capacity. Although I can still feel satisfied eating the amounts that I did before, I really do have to be careful and make sure that I’m measuring my food because it has been easier for me to eat more without getting near the “full” feeling. I have noticed in the past month that my calories have been in the higher end of the 600-800 range and sometimes I’ve gone over the 800 calorie threshold. This hasn’t been caused by eating anything different than I normally do, just more of it and so I’ve got to try and keep a lid on it.

Another big change I’ve noticed is my husband insecurities coming through lol. He met me when I weighed about 250 lbs, so now at 216… it is a situation he has never experienced before. He’s not used to me wearing makeup, doing my hair, buying stylish/professional/cute clothing, and I think it makes him uneasy. On one hand, he really enjoys the fact that I’m feeling good and confident (and I’m SURE he enjoys the fact that I look better lol), but on the other hand, he hates the idea of other men hitting on me. Which I think is funny, because that 10000% has NOT happened at all. I’m actually kind of jealous of all the stories on read on the forums of women that start getting hit on right away after losing even a small percentage of their excess weight and then here I am… no interest from anyone whatsoever lol! I feel like I’d have to pay someone to hit on me for crying out loud hahaha 🙂

This is all definitely a struggle, but SO very worth it!! Here is a fun little comparison picture! The pic on the left was from a work event July 2011 and the other pic is my terrible attempt at a “selfie” in the bathroom mirror last night LOL I still don’t know how women take such nice pictures of themselves… I have not mastered that art yet!!



4 thoughts on “7 Months Post-Op and Struggling Today!

  1. Thanks so much for this blog! This is the best vsg blog i have found by FAR. your pictures are unreal. you look like the person’s on the left’s daughter. im in the very early stages of getting my sleeve. your story gives me hope!

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