Stall is Broken – But for How Long?

I’m really happy to report that the latest stall I was experiencing has been broken! On Friday, I finally experienced a loss from the 240.6 I was weighing in at everyday, to 240.0. Since then, it’s been crazy and today I weighed in at 236.4. What a relief!

It seems like at the start of each new “month” or from the 13th to 12th (surgery was on May 13th), I stall for two weeks and then lose for two weeks. It’s quite an emotional roller coaster because even though I know that I’m not done losing, I still start thinking, “WHAT IF IT THIS IS IT??” I don’t know why I can’t just keep rational thoughts in my head during those stalls?

What I am able to do though is to stay the course. I have a specific plan and I stick to it. When I stall, I don’t stray from that plan because if the plan has worked for me in the past, it will work for me again. I try not to get all crazy and start switching things up with my diet when I’m in a stall. I have to believe that the scale will start moving again – and it always does!

Maybe I’ll get lucky and the 230s will be a quick stop. For some reason, being in the 220’s just seems like A LOT less. I can’t even wrap my head around being in the 220s again. Wow…


8 thoughts on “Stall is Broken – But for How Long?

  1. hi there

    would you mind sharing your plan with me?

    i am currently a bit without plan ;-(

    just seem to drift. need something new. new set of rules and goals. please girl!

    • Lots of surgeons have lots of different plans. The plan my surgeon’s office set out for me didn’t focus much on anything other than getting in 60+ grams of protein per day.

      I have chosen a less liberal plan that is 90-100 grams of protein per day, less than 25 grams of carbs, and between 600-800 calories. I don’t really concern myself too much with fat content. I also drink 100 oz of water each day!

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