How Things are Changing Post Weight Loss

I’ve been noticing some changes happen around me as I’ve lost more and more weight. My husband thinks that I’m crazy when I point out these changes, but I’m guessing that anyone that has experienced a huge life event such as massive weight loss has probably experience the same things. I find them so interesting. Some of the things that I’ve noticed:

  • Many months ago, I wrote about how my husband and I were frequently asked if we would like separate checks when we dine out together (without anyone else). Despite the fact that we were engaged in conversation the entire time and that we both wore wedding rings, we would almost always be asked that question. I believed (and still do) that we were asked that question because we didn’t look like we belonged together. Me, a 444 lb woman, and him, a 200 lb, fit, attractive, 29 year old man. Well, I can tell you that we’ve gone out to eat half a dozen times in the past two months and not a single time have we been asked if we want separate checks – and I don’t even wear my wedding rings anymore. Coincidence? I don’t think so…. but, I guess we may never know!
  • A friend and former co-worker and I go out to eat at Hoss’s Seafood and Steakhouse every 3-5 months to catch up on life and talk. We always go to the same place, around the same time, and just about the same amount of people are always there. Every. single. time. we have gone there over the past 5 years, they have automatically taken us to a seat at a table in the middle of the restaurant. Yesterday, we met with each other for the first time since January (a long stretch from the last meeting) and the host asked us, “Would a booth be ok?” – Coincidence? I really don’t think so. It doesn’t offend me or anything… but I’m guessing they always sat us directly at a table because of my size. Hmmmm, interesting!
  • I have not been publicly ridiculed by any college-aged “men” in a very long time – yay for me lol (I wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice). There’s been quite a change in the politeness that people show to me. I have a lot less grown men letting doors slam in my face as I walk out of stores and other buildings as well.

These things don’t offend me… they are just casual observations that I’ve made in the past week or so. I think the Sociology minor (almost major) in me loves to sit and think about these kinds of things lol.

What kind of changes have happened around you since you’ve experienced a large weight loss?


4 thoughts on “How Things are Changing Post Weight Loss

    • I’ve noticed also since I’ve lost 100 lbs that men will open doors for me, try to make eye contact, smile, say hello.

  1. I know that for me back in the day I was quite happy if I found someone at a restaurant who would just immediately take me to a table. There were times when someone would take me to a booth and I’d be looking at the little bit of space between the booth and the table, looking at my belly, looking at them and saying, really? If the table was movable, I could do a booth, otherwise no way was I going to be able to sit there and breathe.

    Where I really have noticed a difference in treatment has been going into a running shoe store. People could barely get in the door without being overtaken by a salesperson ready to help them out but with me, it was like I was invisible. I’m sure it was like, one look at this guy and you know for sure he’s not buying these shoes, he’s definitely not serious enough about it to pay for the more expensive shoes so he’ll probably go to Walmart once the sticker shock wears off. Maybe that was an overactive imagination on my part, I don’t know. But I think people do automatically make assumptions, not usually maliciously or intentionally, but it does happen.

  2. Judgmental people. Ugh. My sweetie has experienced some of the same and gets a lot of stares from people looking at her psoriasis as though she has some kind of mutant cooties that are about to attack. I usually put my hand directly over a particularly bad spot and look the “stare’er” directly in the eyes and say, “Psoriasis. Not contagious.” Most seem scared about the psoriasis until their curiosity/fear is addressed but those looking at the weight mostly seem very judgmental.

    We shouldn’t judge appearance. We don’t know a stranger’s story.

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