The Best NSV I’ve Had to Date

Today I experienced the best NSV (non-scale victory) to date. There have been MANY NSVs in my journey so far and hopefully a lot to come. BUT, I will say that nothing beats wearing the nice, new shirt I have on right now with nice dress pants for work… and having my husband walk by the bathroom this morning and mutter “Woah!” when he walked by. He didn’t know that I heard it and he didn’t say anything else when he walked by…. but I heard it!

My husband is a wonderful man, but for some reason feels super uncomfortable and awkward giving me compliments. I don’t know why, but although he thinks in his head on occasion “Wow, she looks nice” or “She looks great today” he can’t ever say that to me unless I drag it out of him. Ladies… I’m sure you know just how unsexy it is when you have to ask for a compliment! His idea of complimenting me this morning after I came out of the bathroom was to say, “What are you trying to do, get everyone to look at those boobies today?” in a “joking but not really” kind of way LOL

It might sound strange, but I felt like I could do anything after hearing that “woah!” this morning. Hopefully the good day continues lol!

2 thoughts on “The Best NSV I’ve Had to Date

  1. wow! your journey is awesome, I am so glad to have found you 😉
    I have recently had my band removed after 9 years and due for sleeve in November. looking forward to your future posts;)
    and I am contemplating a blog of my own too.

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