Better Than Bypass??

First, I want to say that NO, this post is not about the Sleeve being better than the RNY procedure. I think a decision on which procedure to have is a personal one and everybody should make that decision for themselves.

HOWEVER, I will say that a lot of people come to the boards to make a “Help me decide between sleeve and RNY” post. It seems like a lot of pre-opers are concerned that they will not be able to lose as much weight with the VSG as the RNY.

Well…. I had to drive 90 minutes to the hospital where I had surgery today for a 3 month follow up with the surgeon’s office. I met with his PA and he was floored by the amount of weight that I’ve lost since surgery – which is close to 65-70 lbs since May 13th (depending on which records you look at!). At one point he said “You are losing even more weight than our bypass patients! What have you been doing???”

I think it goes to show that you can do amazing things with the sleeve if you find a program that works for you and really stick to it. All surgeries are a tool! I personally choose to go the 650-750 calorie, less than 20g of carbs route. I have chosen to go with this plan rather than the more liberal plan that my surgeon’s office gives to post-op patients. If this plan weren’t working for me in the long term (no loss for longer than just a typical stall), then I would change something. So far, so good!

To be honest, the more people that are surprised by my loss and the more support group meetings that I go to and see very few “vets” there and none that have hit goal, let alone maintained…. it makes me believe that my surgeon/weight management clinic’s office has very low expectations. I feel very fortunate to have done a lot of research on my own and to have found this site. Hearing the perspectives/plans of all of the successful people on these boards helped me to decide what might work for me. If I had just gone with what my surgeon’s office suggested and with their expectations… who knows where I would be today!

ok… long rambling post – OVER! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Better Than Bypass??

  1. Hi Nicki….congrats on your success….if you can would you be able to put a sample of a typical day intake? I would find it very helpful! I am only 2months out and started struggling a few weeks ago while on vacation with my intake of carbs and slipped up….felt like an alcoholic going on a binge
    Thanks for any input you have

    • Yes, I would love to show you what I eat. I’ll try to work on that post today. I have to warn you though that I eat the same thing everyday. I might change up the routine every few months, but day in and day out it’s basically the same! I will post soon!! Thanks for all of the kind words. Sorry to hear that you are struggling… the carb monster can be quite nasty!!

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