Bouncing Off the Walls!!

WOW, what a difference almost 8 months can make! I stopped drinking caffeine when I started the six month supervised diet in November of last year. Eventually, I cut out soda altogether. It was a big change, but one that I’m glad I made because I notice that I’m less dehydrated and sleep a lot better since cutting it out of my life.

Cut to today…. I took a Pamprin for cramps (sorry guys!) which has caffeine in it (I took one, so that’s 32.5 mg) HOLY SMOKES can I tell. It’s all I can do not to jump up and start running around the house as I type this. I was cleaning a few moments ago and I was literally jogging from room to room picking things up.

When you consider the fact that based on my estimations of espresso and large amounts of Diet Pepsi that I used to drink in a day, I was probably drinking 150+ mg per day and it didn’t even phase me… now I’ve just had a fraction of that and I have a feeling by the end of the day my house is going to be spotless. It’s crazy to even think about!!


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