A Head Scratcher: Holy Attention, Batman! Part Deux!

Last week, I wrote a blog post called Holy Attention, Batman! (my attempt at being funny) where I discussed the large amount of attention that I received when I went to a cookout at my mother-in-laws house over the weekend. It had been about 7 months since I had seen most people at this get together and I was happy, yet overwhelmed by the amount of people that commented on my weight loss – or rather, they told me that I looked “really great!” At that time, I had mentioned that this past weekend I would be spending time with my Dad’s family in Ohio and I was trying to get myself mentally prepared for the possibility of this happening again since they hadn’t seen me since my wedding two years ago. I would estimate I was around 420-425 lbs at that time and I am 302 lbs now. I have to say, this weekend is what I would call a real “head scratcher”….

Why? Because nobody noticed at all LOL! Seriously… not a word. Now, my aunt and uncle (that are really only a couple of years older than me) noticed and they both know that I had surgery. I am friends with my uncle’s wife and we talk every week… they both were excited with anticipation to see me! Other than my Dad, they are the only ones that know that I’ve had the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) surgery. How in the hell could nobody notice haha?

Now, you may be thinking that they noticed and they just didn’t say anything. First of all, my family is NOT shy… if they noticed.. they would have said something. Second… when my “uncle” said (around a bunch of people) “Congratulations, you look great!” everyone else had a weird look on their face. Later, while we were playing a game, one of my cousins said to me “Why did Joe (named changed) say congratulations to you earlier?” I just kind of said “Oh, well… I’ve lost a few pounds” and she said “Oh, that’s great!” in a very genuine way.  There is NO WAY that you can convince me that my family could tell and just didn’t say anything. If that were the case, they would have been asking my Dad about it.

I’m not upset by this at all, but it really does point my thoughts back to my last post where the idea of getting attention while losing weight is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you really want people to notice that you look better and have lost weight, but at the same time… the cookout was overwhelming because I became the center of attention. Overall, this weekend just leaves me really confused how I could really lose 140 lbs and not have anyone (in a very large family) notice. It’s kind of funny really! I have a cousin that is getting married next April so we will all be together again… boy are they going to be SURPRISED when they see me then haha! Mark my words, if they don’t notice 9 months from now when I’m hopefully closing in on goal that I’ve lost weight, then there is no hope for any of them haha!

Before I sign-off… I just want to comment that I was not able to weigh myself while I was out of town. When I got on the scale this morning, I was 5 lbs less than I was on Friday – crazy! That brings me to 302.4….. .3 lbs from being halfway to my goal from where I started and 2.5 lbs from seeing a “2” on the scale…. WOW, I can’t even imagine that…. SO exciting!!


3 thoughts on “A Head Scratcher: Holy Attention, Batman! Part Deux!

  1. Could it be that your immediate family never really paid attention to the fat? Could it be that maybe the fact you were overweight didn’t matter to them and that they love you no matter what?

    • I’m going to say no on this one lol… not because they are terrible people or anything… I just feel like I’ve been a little more on the outside of this side of the family (since I was a kid) and they have always kind of looked right past me. I know they noticed the weight gain… but they don’t think about me enough to really pay attention to the loss. It’s just the way they are unfortunately!

  2. Wow, your post really hit home for me. I’ve had a gallbladder from hell experience that began last Nov/2012. Lost 45 lbs. I really don’t know if people noticed and didn’t say anything as I was losing the weight, but now that I am down these pounds I am surprised at their comments. I.E. I’ve been deathly ill with this friggin’ GB and yet all they can say is: “must be nice to lose weight”. Not, “wow you look great”, but, must be nice and, maybe you’ve lost too much!

    Believe it or not, I have lost friends over this weight loss and illness. So sometimes I wonder of my dreams of losing this are not the dreams coming true.

    Good luck with your success, you are doing fantastic. Being overweight is one of the crappiest things to deal with in life. Take care.


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