Second Supervised Diet Milestone Reached!! (Ok… I’m Cheating a Little…)

When I first started the six month pre-op supervised diet imposed by my insurance and the local weight management clinic, I decided to really dedicate myself to losing as much weight as possible. I thought… why wait until surgery to really start losing some weight! Although I was only required to lose 44 lbs, I have lost a lot more. On March 9th, I hit my first goal of losing 70 lbs and getting down to 375 lbs. At that time, I set a new goal of 360. The results are in…..

I MADE IT! This morning when I weighed in, I was 360.2 lbs. Ok, ok…. for all of your sticklers out there, technically I do have .2 lbs to go. Well…. screw you! lol I’m taking credit for it. Listen, it feels a little bit like cheating; however, I need to mentally celebrate this milestone and here’s why.

I have been diligent and militant when it comes to this supervised diet. I started this bad boy about a week before Thanksgiving and didn’t break… I went through the Christmas season… didn’t break….Valentine’s Day? Nothing! GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON (personally, harder than anything!) and didn’t eat a thing! Finally, this past weekend was Easter and I didn’t have any candy and ate on plan during the Easter dinner.  In addition to all of this, I have changed my behaviors… started exercising… started therapy, etc. I’ve also resisted the urge to go off plan almost every single day since November 20th.  I’ve been feeling blue lately (probably due to the weather because today it’s “warm” at around 45 and Sunny and I’m on top of the world) and I’m about to embark on a world of stress with work. There will be travel involved and the temptation to pick up a fast meal and I just need to celebrate this milestone to keep me going!

So… I’m taking it! I have no idea what the next goal will be. To be honest, I’ve had in my head this desire to get down 100 lbs by surgery day… which would be about 15 more. I think between the remainder of the time I have left on this diet (4-6 weeks??) and the 2 week pre-op liquid diet… it’s definitely doable! Fingers crossed!


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