I’ve Got the Blues, I’m in a Funk…. and I Thought Pics Would Help?!

Hey everyone! It’s been about two weeks since I’ve posted an update and I guess it’s because there hasn’t been too much to talk about! I haven’t had any weigh-ins, doctor appointments, or milestones reached… so there wasn’t much new to report. I will say that I’ve noticed since probably about Friday or Saturday of last week that I’ve found myself to be in a bit of a “funk” or having a bit of the “blues” and I think there are a couple of factors causing these feelings.

  • Getting anxious/restless waiting for surgery. Next week, I have my LAST weigh-in for the six month supervised diet for weight loss surgery (VSG). On April 9th, I will have the psych evaluation and then that is IT! At that time, the weight management clinic will send my information to insurance for approval and in the mean time I will meet w/ the surgery and get a tentative surgery date. I think my “blues” or “funk” comes from the fact that I just want it to be DONE already. All this time, surgery seemed so far away so I’ve been eagerly checking off all of the requirements… and I guess at this point, there really isn’t much left; however, I still know that surgery is probably 6-8 weeks away – if I’m lucky! I guess I just want to move forward!
  • Getting sick of WINTER! I live in Pennsylvania and I HATE winter…. it kind of seems silly to live in PA if that’s the case, right? I agree with you! I really think that the constant teasing that mother nature is doing with the weather where I live is getting to me. I truly believe that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing – don’t believe me? Look it up! I did a term paper on it in the 10th grade LOL. It will be somewhat “nice” here (around 40 degrees) with some sun for a day, then BAM… more snow! Then, it will melt… things will look promising and BAM….. more snow! WTF!!?
  • Getting sick of being obese!! I know, I know…. this process won’t happen overnight; however, I’m trying so hard and because of all the other factors mentioned above, I”m frustrated to know that despite losing over 80 lbs in a little over 4 months, I still have SUCH a long way to go. Sometimes it gets to me; however, I’m trying to keep my head up!

So, I hadn’t taken any pictures of me in awhile, so I decided I was going to do it so that I could see the progress! If you’d like to check out these pictures, take a look at my Photos page. WARNING! I hadn’t planned on really showing these pictures so please excuse the bad hair and lack of makeup (oh hell, who am I kidding… I never wear makeup anyway because I was a tomboy as a kid and have no idea what to do lol)! I have NO clue what was happening with my hair in the first pic.

So… here I am patiently waiting for things to start happening…. I feel encouraged by the pictures and hopeful as well… but at the same time I feel frustrated! It’s a weird dynamic… but I thank everyone for the continued support!!


4 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Blues, I’m in a Funk…. and I Thought Pics Would Help?!

  1. I feel ya!! I’m in the finger lakes region of NY & this winter has seriously dampened my mood. I was on “spring break” the week before my surgery & it was so cold that I barely got dressed that week. I think it’s coming…right around the corner. 🙂 I remember the waiting game funk, too. It hit me rather hard last Fall. And then I ended up waiting until March. Hang in there! You’re almost done! 🙂

  2. I live in PA, too.I used to live in Potter County and am from Erie. We now live in Pittsburgh. I have been to that hospital at Danville for surgeries for my son’s ears and for when my husband was very ill. They saved his life. I know what you mean about SAD. I suffer with it, too. In the winter when it gets to me, I take some buspar until spring comes. It helps. It’s not an SSRI, those make me all grey.

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