Is This Together or Separate? Update!

So, in a previous post, I had mentioned that often times when we go out to eat, my husband (who is young, attractive, and fit) and I are often asked if we want “separate checks” when we dine out. I am 27, he is 28, we have no kids and we both wear wedding rings.  Despite the constant conversation as we dine and the wedding rings, we are repeatedly asked this question. For more detail on my “theory” check out the original post.

I promised to update everyone as time goes by as to whether or not this keeps happening as I approach a normal weight. Late last week, we returned to Applebee’s and we were NOT asked if we wanted separate checks. Perhaps it’s because this person assumed we were together? Perhaps it was because they were just very busy that night (we usually don’t go when it’s busy)? Whatever the reason, the result was different this time!

I’ve talked about how this happens to us to several people since my original post (around our age; however, both the man and woman of the couple are attractive and of normal weight) and everyone is SHOCKED to hear this happens to us and reports that it NEVER happens to them.

So… maybe I’m on to something? Maybe I’m crazy? I’m curious to see if it changes over time (it’s the Sociology minor in me). Only time will tell!


3 thoughts on “Is This Together or Separate? Update!

  1. My previous boyfriend was really attractive and fit also. I guess it’s weird for people to see a couple in their early 20s, one “hot” and one 300 pounds. We always got weird looks and it never failed that wherever we went out to eat, they asked us if we wanted separate cheques. So I think you are certainly onto something!!

  2. Wow, this is so crazy! I’m glad you are doing this “social experiment” though and I can’t wait to see the results after your surgery and the weight really comes flying off!

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