A BIG Six Month Supervised Diet Goal REACHED!!!

I started the mandatory six month supervised diet for weight loss surgery on November 20th. The moment that I walked out of the doctor’s office at the weight management clinic that day, I decided that I was going to make a change starting “NOW”! At the time, I wasn’t convinced on having surgery, but started the process so that if I decided to move forward with the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy or VSG weight loss surgery (after a lot of research and soul searching). Once I made the decision, I felt like the six month supervised diet was a curse; however, I’ve embraced this time period to make a lot of changes that I know will help me to be successful in the future. Some of the things that I have changed over the past four months include:

  • No more drinking soda
  • No more caffeine
  • No more skipping meals
  • Tracking EVERYTHING I eat and drink using the LoseIt app
  • Sticking to a 1600 calorie/day diet (started at 1800) which includes limiting carbs (as compared to beforehand) and keeping less than 30% of those calories from fat
  • Increasing my exercise
  • Drinking AT LEAST 64 oz. per day, usually 96 oz.
  • Eating slower, chewing more (still working on this though)
  • Not drinking with my meals (still working on this as well)

I can’t tell you how much better I feel and I’ve lost only a fraction of the weight I need to lose in order to be considered a “normal weight/BMI”.  This fact makes me VERY exciting and optimistic for my future.

During this six month time frame, I was required to lose 10% of my body weight and at a starting weight of 444.3 lbs, that was 44 lbs! I’m happy to say that I reached that got by the two month mark. Since I was successful, I had in my mind set my own goal of getting down to 375 lbs by the time I started the two week pre-op liquid diet, which I figure would be sometime in May 2013.


I’m happy to report that after almost two weeks of stalling at the same weight, the scale dropped drastically this morning and I weighed in at 373.4 lbs!!!

This has been a BIG accomplishment for me and I can’t control my excitement (get a life, right?!)

Thank you so much for all the people on ObesityHelp.com that have been encouraging and for the readers/followers of my blog. It’s so nice to have people in your life (even if only online) that understand your struggles and support you 100%…. yet have never even met you face-to-face.

I think that the new goal to achieve before the pre-op diet begins, which I’m estimation would be early May-ish will be 360 lbs. The weight loss has slowed, so it might be tough, but I think 13 lbs in 2 months is definitely still doable.  I will continue to stay militant and continue to realize that this is not “70 LBS GONE FOREVER!!!” because if I don’t stay dedicated, it can and WILL come right back!

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “A BIG Six Month Supervised Diet Goal REACHED!!!

  1. I’m currently doing the 6 month pre-op diet and I must say it is very encouraging to see someone have such amazing results! Congrats and thanks for being an inspiration!!

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