Mystery Stomach Pain & NSV

Well, I’m glad to report that the mystery stomach pain that I have been having since January 1st has been getting better. About two weeks ago, my doctor prescribed Omeprazole and maybe that is finally taking affect!  I still don’t know what the cause of the problem was, BUT I do have a hunch….

PROTEIN SHAKES?  I noticed the other day that after a day or so of my stomach not really hurting after eating, that I had a protein shake and BAM…. pain! Now, I was getting this pain before for a couple of weeks regardless of what I ate, but I did go back through my food logs and I did notice that I started drinking a protein shake every couple of days after the 1st. Could this be the cause somehow?  I drank a shake today and again BAM… stomach pain – although it wasn’t as bad as it normally was in the past.

So I have to wonder… am I having some kind of problem and nothing seems to irritate it now except for the protein shakes… OR are the protein shakes causing the problem? I’m going to talk to my Weight Management Clinic doctor on Wednesday, as I have my end of “Month 2” of the six month pre-op diet for VSG weight loss surgery on Wednesday. If I can’t tolerate protein shakes, I’m in BIG trouble!?

On a side note, I was feeling good today. The weather was nice (sun and almost 50 degrees), I saw my Mom for the first time in awhile and she said she REALLY noticed the 45 missing pounds, I had a good lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s (chicken and grilled green beans), I put on a new pair of pants that were a size smaller and an old sweater that was a 3X instead of a 4X, and I just FEEL good. I can’t describe it. I’m so happy that I’ve lost this much weight so far. I HAVE to keep it going! I have so far to go, but I like knowing that losing lots of weight pre-op with make the surgery safer, the recovery easier/faster, and require me to lose less once it happens!

I’ll check back in on Wednesday at the latest to let you all know how the second appointment/class goes!


One thought on “Mystery Stomach Pain & NSV

  1. I am sensitive to dairy, whey and soy. I know that there is a pea protein out there, but I have never tried it. I wish that they would come out with trial sizes, rather than to have to buy a big container. I was drinking muscle milk, which was fabulous, but made me so sick I ended up hospitalized for four days. So caution is my watchword.

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