Sleep Study Complete

So, last night I participated in a sleep study for the first time. The doctor at the Weight Management Clinic recommended that I get the study to check for sleep apnea. Having sleep apena and not treating it can lead to a dangerous surgery from what I understand. She had asked me if I felt tired all the time, was restless, or a light sleeper and despite me answering no to all of the questions she sent me to have it done anyway. I guess that’s what comes with the severely morbidly obese territory!

So, I arrived at the sleep lab around 9:00 p.m. The technician that checked me in and got me settled was really great – very nice!  When I arrived, I had to fill out a few forms and she walked me through the process. The room was small, but nice. It had a hospital bed and a few machines, but a big tv, comfy chair and a very large bathroom with a shower.  She let me know that when she returned from putting all of my information into the computer, she would attach all the wires to me and then I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed unless she came and unhooked a few things from me first.

So, she put all of the stuff one and let me tell you – it was a pain! A few things were placed on my head which meant yukie goo/wax was put in there as well. She put things on my legs, chest, and all over my face.  Just when you think she’s finished, she sticks and oxygen monitor on your finger and two different things up your nose.  I challenge you to sleep in an uncomfortable bed with all of that going on around you!

Needless to say, I got little sleep.  I kept waking up because I was feeling sore because the bed was very hard.  It’s also weird to know that someone can hear you and SEE you because there are microphones and cameras in the room. YIKES! My hair probably made me look like something out of the Exorcist!

The technician woke me up around 5:45 a.m. and took everything off me. Although she can’t give me any official results from the test, she said that although I had a few “respiratory events” while I was dreaming, it was nothing that could be even considered as “mild”  Although I know that some people might see a diagnosis as helpful to be approved for surgery by insurance, I am relieved to know that I do not have a serious problem with sleep apnea.

As a follow-up to my last post… I still don’t know what’s wrong with my stomach. I was having such severe pains yesterday after I ate lunch (protein shake and a little bit of broccoli) that I was curled up in a ball crying and even threw up a couple of times. I went to the emergency room today and they did an ultrasound of my gallbladder as well as some blood work. Everything came back perfect…. UGH! Needless to say I’ve eaten VERY little today.  I hope it gets better soon! :/


2 thoughts on “Sleep Study Complete

  1. I hate to hear that your sleep study was so uncomfortable. When I had mine, it wasn’t a hospital bed, in fact, it was an incredibly, wonderfully comfortable bed! Plus, they gave me a (very) low dose medication to help me relax. It was strange to hear the following in the middle of the night “Christine, please roll over to your back we need to monitor you on your back for awhile”. I don’t recall that there was anything in my nose.

    In the morning they brought me coffee, I showered, got dressed and went to work.

    • I’m so jealous! Sounds like a nice stay away from home! They had told me that it would be “like a hotel room” which it was, EXCEPT for the fact that the bed was indeed a hospital bed. I think that if it weren’t for the bed being so uncomfortable I might have been able to sleep the entire night!

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