Pre-Op Diet: Month One

On November 20th, I had my first meeting with Dr. P, a physician in the Weight Management Clinic in my town. She was a very lovely woman that wasn’t judgmental or condescending (like some doctors I have met in the past). My PCP referred me to her and I wasn’t really sure what I was meeting with her about other than the obvious fact that I’m super morbidly obese. At almost 5’10” and 444 lbs, I knew that I needed to do something, so I listened to Dr. P’s three options: supervised eating plan, appetite suppressant medication, or bariatric surgery.

She explained the options and when she was finished, I asked her what her professional opinion as to what my best option would be. Without hesitation she said that she recommends surgery.  On the drive home, I thought to myself “How did I get here?” and “What have I done to myself?”  I’ve been gaining about 30 lbs per year for the past 9 years and I’ve found myself in dangerous territory.

At that point, I had initiated the process for having surgery in the event that I chose to go that route.  The second I left that appointment, I followed Dr. P’s instructions of an 1800 calorie diet that consists of less than 30% fat. She also told me to limit my carb intake and try to walk at least 20 minutes per day.

So here I am on December 17th and I just had my first nutrition education class and follow-up visit with Dr. P.  During my “official” weigh-in the scale read 419.9 – a difference of 25 lbs in a month!! I am so happy that the hard work is paying off. I’m already halfway to the 10% body weight goal that I have to reach before I can have surgery. I hope the next five months goes smoothly as well.

I have officially decided to have the surgery, thanks to the wonderful information I’ve read on I look forward to taking control of my life and health.  I’ve already changed the following behaviors:

  • No more skipping breakfast OR lunch
  • No more caffeine
  • Reducing the amount of Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi that I drink
  • Chewing 20 times before swallowing
  • Not eating before, during, or after meals (trying!!)

I’m really hoping the going “hardcore” during these next five months will prepare me for an excellent recovery and great results after surgery. I’m hoping by Christmas 2013, life will look a lot different – for the better!


3 thoughts on “Pre-Op Diet: Month One

  1. I am at this stage now and am working on those same behaviors. Chewing is the most surprising one. I found that once I stopped bolting my food, a lot of my irritable bowel syndrome problems started going away. Who knew? I used to eat like someone was going to grab me food out of my hands.

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